80’s Babies Productions

80’s Babies Productions, LLC is a full service production company. 80’s Babies strives to produce projects of substance that forces the audience to venture into topics rarely discussed. The company is based in Atlanta, GA and is in the process of producing its first two projects due for release this year.


6 Responses to “80’s Babies Productions”

  1. Marinna Hill Says:

    TIEISHA IS THE SUPERWOMAN THAT ALICIA KEYES TALKS ABOUT IN HER SONG. dont call me biased because i am related to this mogul. :] cant wait till the website is finished!!!

  2. Just wishing you many blessings on all of your endeavors, Ty! I know that this will be a hit…Much love!

  3. CONGRATS! im so very proud of u. u inspire me to do what i was destined to do. Much success to u and all u do

  4. Hey girl! I am so proud of you! I’m almost speechless… I wish you much blessings and success. I know you will make things happen. I love you so much and thankful that you are my sister/friend!
    I can’t wait for the documentary!!! I’m souped!!!

  5. Ron Moore Says:

    Ty, I wish you the best in your new endeavor and look forward to your future content. Knowing you, it will be deep , informative and inspiring to the young, the old and to anyone who takes time to partake of it. Your website has been placed in my favorites and I know it will be. Keep me in formed and when the content begins I’ll notify all of my contacts.

  6. Hey Ty,

    I hear ya Lady!!! Good luck…I can’t wait to see your documentary.

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